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You're Pepper, the birthday kid! It’s your 12th birthday today and you’re having a party! The cake is nice, but you don’t really like your guests that much… Also, there seems to be something important you’re forgetting… and where the heck are your parents?

Birthday Kid is a horror game made in RPG Maker 2003. It's mostly story focused with a few puzzles.


Arrow keys: move

X: open menu, cancel

Enter or Z: confirm, check


This game contains potentially triggering content! Please see this page, or the included READ ME.txt for a list of content warnings.


This game requires the RPG Maker 2003 RTP to run.

Traduccion Español

Made withRPG Maker
TagsDark, Exploration, Horror, RPG Maker, Violent
Average sessionAbout an hour
LinksRPGMaker.net, Homepage


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I really liked this game and I was super excited when I found out the mc is agender!!

This game is one of the best RPGs I've ever played! Defo telling my friends about this! I like the art style, the plot line, Rascal :3, and the over all creepyness about it! I rate it 10 Rascals out of 10! 

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Sorry I'm stupid because I am so stuck right now. How do I run the game? I downloaded RPG Maker 2003 and installed everything and then I went to the Setup and installed everything too but now I'm stuck. I can't find where the game is and I don't know what to do ugh, someone please help! :(

Have you tried opening RPG_RT.exe, located in the game folder? If you can't find where you installed it to, try using windows search.

I just played the game, I loved the story, the development and everything, I certainly look forward to another game of yours (or a continuation of this, ya know :))


yo here´s part 3 of four of my gameplay, sorry for making four videos but i felt like it was necessary......IT IS 100% SURELY NOT BECAUSE I KNOW NOT HOW TO PLAY ..........

haha, it's ok. and thank you so much for let's playing my game!

hey there second part is out and i felt like should share the link in here to 

Hey there played your game and made a a full gameplay of it hope ya don´t mind

here´s the link to my video if you wish to check it out : 

and gotta say, i was not expecting that twist in the end of the game, well done

Hi Dev! can i have your permission to allow me to post it on my utube channel ZilverPH Gaming?

Sure! I'm 100% ok with people doing let's plays, just link back to the game in the description!

Livis i already posted the part 1 of the game please visit my channel zilverph gaming

Devs today i'll be posting the last part of the game hehe very nice game

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Hi dude. Your game looks really good and i would like translate your job into spanish.

We are a small group of 4 friends novice in this but we prefer ask before touch your game without permission.

Thanks and I wait for more games of you ^^ ~

This is my email. Ronair1802@gmail.com ^^

hi! you have my permission! thank you so much :D

I finished the game, and hooooly crap I loved it! I now intend to play any other games you release. This one was just so good and the ending almost brought a tear to my eye.


aw, thank you!


Hi ! I downloaded the rtp and the game but even with the rtp the error "Cannot open System2C file" ... what does it mean? ;;

you could try inserting the rtp files manually?



This is part 1 of 2 of my let's play on this game. I will post the second/final episode sometime soon. I just wanna say I had a LOT of fun playing this game. It was a great experience and the ending...wow, it almost made me cry it was so damn beautiful. I now intend to play any other game you release after this. lol

I must. This is a wonderful experience. I would not be opposed at all to more games in this universe. Delightfully dark and twisted, but not to the extent of giving nightmares or anything.


The setup won't run. Does anyone have any ideas? i have the runtime package, but it still won't work.

Do you get any kind of error message or does it just not open at all? 




Had a fun time playing this! I really enjoyed how vague and eerie the game felt in the beginning, and the direction it took as the game progressed towards the end. Exceptional job for your first published game! If you'd like to watch my playthrough of it, feel free! 


I'd so love to play this, but I have an error upon launching the game! Does it require any sort of program to be installed before hand like some RPG maker games I know? 

The RPG Maker 2003 RTP is required to run the game.

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Thanks so much for the support! Maybe perhaps have that info set on the bio somewhere so the comments don't get filled up? Just a suggestion! (Reading over it now, I realize it does say it was made in RPG maker 2003. Guess I was just blind.)

No problem! I did add it to the download instructions, but just to be safe I've added it to the description as well.